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Series Primary Questions, Infinite Answers

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Who Was Calling Asghar?-7
Maziyar Samee'i

Cognition; this might be the most talked-about and still, mysterious subject in history of philosophy so far. Many philosophers, from Heraclitus to Descartes have thought about and talked about and

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This Book May be the Murder Weapon-2
Hossein Sheikholeslami

This is a book about Universe and Existence of objects in it. The author, with help of philosophers and their theories, tries to disentangle of the most intricate issues of history of

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Why Do All the Cows Have the Same Color?-6
Hossein Sheikholeslami

This is a book questions regarding language and reception of human of the essence of it. We know that language is the main mean of communication in any culture around the world, and this

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These Lovely Zeros-5
Mehdi Yousefi

Numbers; they are what our world is made of! Mathematics, physics, even philosophy are based on numbers. Many believe numbers are absolute, and therefore, consider them as the main mean of

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Dancers with the Slaves-4
Nader Shahrivari

Ethics has been, as many prominent philosophers have argued, the most mysterious issues in history of philosophy. In this title, everything begins with a simple, yet complex story. The author appears

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